Copper repiping is the act of replacing old worn out or rusted pipes with new, longer lasting, copper pipe.  If your house is more than about 25 years old chances are that you have galvanized pipes in your  water system.  Galvanized pipes are iron pipes that are coated with zinc to prolong the life of the pipe.  But over time, as the pipes age, the zinc erodes and the pipes start to rust.

Once galvanized pipes start to erode and rust they tend to sprig leaks or bring “dirty” rusted water into your house.  If you have leak in the input system you’ll lose water pressure.  Low water pressure is often a sign that your pipes need to be replaced.  If you have a leak in the outflow portion of your plumbing, you’ll probably notice it in terms of a “soggy’ area in the lawn or a muddy are in the yard.  Or perhaps water coming from a “mystery spot “ leaking into the driveway.  Today the modern standard for replaced pipes is copper.  For any of the above problems call Star Rooter Plumbing today.  We are the local copper repiping experts.

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